2 weeks to go the Irish Recruiters Future of Recruitment conference

It’s only two weeks to go to part 2 of the Irish Recruiters “Future of Recruitment Conference”! Here are some of the things you may learn:

  • What is Photo Bar Code recognition and how it can be used to recruit?
  • What is Augmented Reality and Life Casting and why should recruiters care?
  • What are the Irish made iPhone apps that are out there that make life easier for users and how they can increase your productivity and help you have some fun?
  • What are the other app stores out there and is there any recruitment content on them?
  • What are the recruitment apps that now exist on Facebook in the UK and Ireland?
  • Examples of location based services and how they will evolve recruitment?
  • What advantages does Live Streaming technology offer recruitment?
  • 10 predictions that I will make for the recruitment industry in the next 18 months
  • Learn why micro-blogging can assist your brand and allow you access new channels of information and candidates
  • Hear how to post jobs effectively on Twitter Job Search and open up a new advertisement challenge to reach candidates
  • Understand the challenge and opportunity that EMC saw with a potential cloud ATS offering
  • Learn the power of force.com and how cloud apps can save you time and money
  • Learn how green IT and remote video interviewing can help you cut costs
  • Hear from Fergal O’Byrne, author, ex- CEO of the Irish Internet Association and now new CEO of Sonru his thoughts on the future recruitment
  • Learn how successful companies like Alexander Mann are adding extra value to their clients and adapting to internet recruitment technologies

That’s not to mention a break out session on “Job Boards Vs Social Media”, plenty of time for networking and building community and much much more.

The future of recruitment in many ways is in the cloud and the Irish Recruitment industry in many sectors is “rebooting” itself. To learn more, take the rare opportunity to come to an event like this to share your interpretation of the future and learn from others what they think. It is my opinion that the Irish recruitment industry needs to become more sophisticated like our peers in the US. Hopefully, with this type of event we can raise the levels of recruitment sophistication in our industry and learn new techniques, tools and technologies that will help us attract the best and the brightest the world has to offer to our shores.

More information and ticket purchases can be found here:

A big thank you to Sonru and Prima.ie for sponsoring the event.

Tweets: Irish Recruiters conference only two weeks away -  learn more about cloud recruitment  http://bit.ly/12ZGyX http://bit.ly/KDKgr   

Tweets: Sonru and Prima.ie to sponsor Irish Recruiters Future of Recruitment conference on the 7th of October  http://bit.ly/12ZGyX