Cloud Recruitment, the Ovi App Store and LiveCasting!

I'm looking forward to the Irish Recruiters future of recruitment conference-part 2 on the 7th of October. I'm currently researching my 2nd presentation on what cloud recruitment is and what is happening in the current app war that is raging on smart phones. I'm learning loads of new exciting stuff! Some of which I couldn't wait until the conference for and wanted to share now!

For examples, as part of my presentation I'll be mentioning some of the very futuristic concepts that Nokia are working on to catch up with iPhone and Android. Interestingly, with the scale of their business and the number of customers they currently have on the long tail of the scaling curve for apps on smart phones Nokia could be a serious competitor in the market place if Ovi takes off.

Check out the following video to see some of the exciting functionality they are planning that will allow you connect with employers and potential job seekers even easier in the cloud.