Irish Jobs offer new sourcing model: Pick, Pay and Go!

Get ready for a lot of new recruitment business models and sourcing services as we start to head into the last 4 months of the year. Recruitment is rebooting in Ireland and a lot of tech savvy recruiters who were used to 12 months ago paying for a job posting and quite happily sieving through the candidates that came through are now beginning to look to additional or alternative sourcing methods to get faster results with quite often lower expenditure of resources.

From a lot of recruiters I have talked to in the last few months and especially from those I listened to last week in the Irish Recruiters Tuesday Club as we discussed the topic "managing CV overflow and what happens in the black hole", the majority of recruiters present were exploring new techniques, tools and technologies to leverage the web , especially LinkedIn, to be more efficient in their search and provide less volume and more quality of applications. And most importantly in this recession: save money! Over the last 6 months in particular I've noticed an ostensible shift in how recruiters are now conceptualising their sourcing from the very beginning of when a job req lands on their table. Obviously, it depends on what industry you are sourcing for, and if the candidates in that industry can be found or want to be found using internet technologies, but certainly from what I gleaned from the discussion a lot of recruiters in the IT, pharmaceutical, finance, retail and even in certain circumstances the conservative medical fields are beginning to source more directly first before posting ads on job boards. It's almost as if LinkedIn is now in 4th position after their own databases, own career site and own referral programs. Where traditionally a job post would be posted now a search in LinkedIn is being conducted first and a few passive candidates contacted. Quickly followed by a job posting being posted! I'm sure this is not the case for a huge volume of recruiters throughout the country, especially small SME houses, where resources can be limited and time can be even more aggressive, likewise this is not always the case in the temp or contract worlds, but certainly in the multi-nationals that I have been talking to and in the discussion we had last week when it comes to full-time and contracts over 6 months a clear shift has taken place in the psyche of a lot of multi-national recruiters and hiring managers. Referral recruitment and direct souring are growing steadily stronger as channels.

Cherry picking is quickly becoming en vogue! And quite often the cherries are falling from the cloud!

Irish Jobs have grasped the concept of cherry picking with their new resume database offering. I got a mail, as probably a lot of you did today, advertising a new business model being used by the incumbent eponymous job board. This is a welcome evolution in the industry. It will be interesting to see when Monster which has the largest resume database in the world will follow suit and at what price point. A lot has been happening in Monster over the last 6 months in particular and I expect a lot of new services to come from them in fy10 as they fight to maintain their dominance and spread their portfolio of services to their customers with much more tailorised solutions at a variety of new price points.

Many other job boards are trying to capitalise on the current opportunities to offer new services. For example, JobSearch.ie the free jobs portal for agencies and employers has now built in functionality that allows you tweet about every job on their site and they are soon launching an application which will allow users on Jobsearch.ie to access their contacts lists on Facebook, Linkedin and other social media where they can recommend any Jobsearch.ie job posting to their friend. I'm sure most of the IT teams running the job boards in Ireland are thinking the same. If not, in my opinion they should be.

Hers is the details from Irish Jobs:

IrishJobs.ie is proud to launch our brand new 'Pay as you go' CV database system enabling you to cherry pick the candidates you want.

The IrishJobs.ie CV Database has proven to be a highly successful tool for both jobseekers and recruiters. Over 35,000 high calibre candidates across all industry sectors in Ireland have recently uploaded their CV onto IrishJobs.ie and this database is continually growing.

With our CV database you can

-tailor your search requirements by selecting the job category; roles, minimum -experience and salary range, plus include specific keywords.
qu-ickly identify CVs matching your criteria as search results are displayed as a -snapshot overview including the candidate's objectives
-search for suitable candidates in complete confidentiality - an excellent tool for times when you do not want to advertise a position

With our new 'pay as you go' model you only pay for the CVs you pick (Just €15 + VAT per CV).

Get ahead of the competition by targeting quality candidates instantly and efficiently. Check out our database in RMS today.

Kindest Regards,
The IrishJobs.ie Team