Monster shares on the rise

Monster has been on a very aggresive cost cutting excercise of late all around the world. I'm sure the folk at Monster will have welcomed the Barron's report which was followed by an upgrade by UBS that boosted their shares to a year high of  $18.57 which is more than three times the share price, $5.95, was in March this year.

The optimistic article, “Turning Into A Monster Of A Competitor,” talks about how Monster’s international reach accounts for 45 percent of the company’s revenue and how its acquisition of China.HR and Trovix added to the new emphasis on tools for the passive job seeker is going to help in it in the future.

These steps, plus a reorganization of its sales force and the improving global economy, says Barron’s, makes Monster “a good long-term bet.”

Also, Monster has also started to lauch some more commercials for its career tools - check the below one out. Not a big fan of them and much prefer the old stork videos.

Here's my favourite: